Jumbo Plastic/Knobby Dummy


Jumbo 3″ x 12″ size – choose white, orange, black, or half black/half white

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Proper preparation and conditioning will make your hunts much more enjoyable. Our plastic knobby dummies are designed with a valve so you can adjust buoyancy and weight.

  • Manufactured for durability using tough plastic vinyl.
  • Preferred by professional trainers nationwide .
  • Designed with air valve to adjust buoyancy and weight to simulate actual game.
  • Jumbo 3″ x 12″ size.
  • Soft and pliable in all weather conditions, yet rugged to prevent hard mouth problems.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
    Please specify color…White, Orange,or Half Black/Half White.
  • White is excellent for throwing against dark backgrounds.
  • Orange is easy for the trainer to see.
  • Black is good for throwing agaist a light sky or in snowy conditions.
  • Half Black/Half White is good for throwing against all backgrounds.

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Black / White, White, Orange