Dakota 283 T1 Kennel


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The Dakota T1 Kennel with Dakota Guard has a lower profile than our standard Kennels and is designed to easily fit in the back of a pickup under a Tonneau cover. Built for small to medium breed dogs, this Kennel is significantly lighter than the original Kennebec model and features a rear handle for easy lifting. It is molded in one solid piece and available in 2 colors. 

Dakota Guard is an environmentally and food-grade safe additive that is included in small quantities during production to protect your pet’s health and safety from the invisible world. Just another way Dakota 283 is committed to keeping your pets safe!

  • Small/Medium Size
  • Compatible with most Tonneau Covers
  • Rear Positioned Easy-Grip Handle
  • Keyed Paddle Latching Door
  • Large Side Ventilation Holes
  • Easy-to-Clean Drain Hole
  • Medium: Size: 30L x 21.5W x 20H / Weights: 25 lbs.

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Coyote Granite, Dark Granite