ZND-1200 Instant Pet Barrier with 1 Zone


Designed by professionals to instantly keep your dog away from problem areas in your home – no training necessary.

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Unlike other deterrents, Innotek ZONES™ are totally cordless. You can put a ZONE near anything you want your dog to avoid – the trash, kitchen counter or protect your fine furniture.

Each ZONE protects an area from 2′ to 12′.

* Innotek’s smallest collar yet- only 1.3 oz.

* Innotek ZONES™ are wireless, cordless and run on AA batteries.

* 2′-12′ diameter coverage area per ZONE *

Innotek’s easiest to use product yet! No training, programming or set up required


One collar
One Zone
Add ZND-1000 units to establish more “off-limits” areas
Add ZND-1025 collars for more than one pet GVDS Item#: ZND-1200