YardMax™ Rechargeable Fence™ Extra Collar


Extra Collar/Receiver for your YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence

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This rechargeable, waterproof receiver/collar is compatible with the YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Systems. Add unlimited collars to contain multiple pets.

5 adjustable levels of correction plus tone only for training are included. Also compatible with Pawz Away Indoor and Outdoor Barriers.

For pets over 5 pounds.

  • Rechargeable

  • Waterproof

  • 5 adjustable levels of status correction

  • Tone

  • Exclusive ReadyTest and PerfectFit test ensure the receiver collar is ready and working

  • Compatible with Pawz Away™ Indoor Pet Barrier (ZND-1000, ZND-1200), Pawz Away™ Outdoor Pet Barrier (RFA-378, PWF00-11923), Pawz Away™ Mini Pet Barrier (PWF00-14040, PWF00-13665)

  • For pets over 5 pounds GVDS Item#: PIG00-11116