Tracking Collar Antenna


A great replacement for your Garmin or Dogtra tracking collar antenna!

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The GVColAnt is super heavy-duty and tuned to work with your Garmin or Dogtra tracking collar. Use as a replacement antenna for your TT15, TT15Mini, T5, T5Mini, Pathfinder, PathCol, PathTRX, PathTRX-RX, PathMini, PathMini-RX, or GVPath). At over 20 inches, many experience enhanced range as well. Our independent testers found consistent tracking range of 1.3 to 1.6 miles.

Built to last with a heavy-duty outer coating and inner stainless steel core. Stainless steel won’t rust or corrode like many galvanized steel models on the market. Easy to install…simply remove the screws and backplate from the collar. Remove the screw holding the standard antenna in place and insert your new GVColAnt. Replace the screws and backplate and you’re ready for your next hunt! Stainless Steel Core with soldered end
Heavy-duty orange outer coating
Soldered end
Black end-cap provides a “finished” look, but is not needed for tracking. We recommend using a drop of glue to hold the endcap in place, but if you hunt without it, the antenna performance will not be affected
Works with Garmin or Dogtra tracking collars
Rigid enough to be strong, but flexible enough to “whip” its way through the field and brush
Offers excellent transmission and range
Easy to install GVDS Item#: GVColAnt-Org