Skip To My Loo House Training Scent


Perfect for potty training your pet

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Perfect for potty training, the unique scent of Skip To My Loo is designed to encourage your pet to use the toilet in a specific spot.

Use it in a corner of your yard outside to keep your pet’s waste confined to one area. You can also use it on the Pet Loo to help train your pet.

The scientifically formulated solution mimics animal urine because pets prefer to use the bathroom in the same spot as other animals.

  • The perfect house training tool for pets

  • Unique attractant formula mimics animal urine

  • Easy-to-use liquid applicator

  • Perfect for training your pet to use the Pet Loo, pee pads, or yard

  • Eco-friendly: safe for people, pets, & the planet

  • Made in the USA

  • Bottle contains 4.22 oz (125 ml)
    GVDS Item#: PAC00-14494