SCG-401K 24-Hour Contact Pad Adapter


Comfort for your dog when the training, containment collar, or bark collar is worn for extended periods.



The SCG-401K can be expanded in length and formed to fit just about any type and brand of ecollar, bark collar, or containment collar.

The SCG-401K adapter/conductor grid was designed to replace the two protruding metal electrodes commonly installed on remote trainers, bark collars, and containment systems.

The SCG system is a new energy transfer technique that redistributes a training collar’s output. The energy is centrally concentrated through many points of contact rather than the traditional use of two long protruding electrodes. With the standard electrodes a maximum of 12 hours wear is recommended.

The SCG’s design provides an improved interface to the dog’s sensory system allowing for longer use either during training sessions with remote training collars, or when using bark control devices or containment collars without causing irritation to the dog’s skin.

Simply remove the two existing electrodes which came with the electronic training device. Then, install the SCG-401K adapter using the two insulated acorn nuts and thread adapters provided.

The SCG “expands” in length and “adjusts” in height…all you will need to form and install the SCG-401K are a couple simple tools: small pliers and a 5/16 inch wrench or socket.

The SGC is 1/2″ wide, 1/4″ deep and adjusts length wise from 1-1/8 inch to 1-3/8 inch spacing between the two electrodes located on the stimulator’s housing. This allows it to fit a wide variety of collars.

Field results have shown that dogs are now able to learn what is expected quicker, easier, and with far less confusion (stress), and, in many cases, at lower levels of stimulation.

“Made in the USA”.

GVDS Item#: 24Hour