RFA-67 Petsafe® Alternative replacement battery (6-pack)


Alternative battery to the Petsafe® model RFA-67D-11 battery (6-pack)

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Replacement batteries for PetSafe® bark collars, in-ground and wireless electronic fence collars. Replaces PetSafe® model RFA-67D-11.

Please note, these are not the cheap Chinese “knock-off” batteries sold on Amazon and elsewhere. These modules contain the highest quality genuine PANASONIC lithium coin cell inside. They are manufactured by High Tech Pet, the most trusted name in high quality electronic pet products. These batteries are guaranteed to meet or exceed all applicable PetSafe® OEM specifications. PetSafe is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corp of Knoxville, TN. We are not PetSafe or Radio Systems. Replaces Petsafe® model RFA-67 collar battery
Contains a Panasonic lithium coin cell. The best battery of its kind.
Operates most Petsafe® brand electronic fence, wireless fence and bark control collars
Manufactured by High Tech Pet, the leading name in trusted, high quality pet products
Guaranteed to last as long or longer as the OEM battery and to meet or exceed all OEM specifications
Package of 6 batteries
GVDS Item#: HT-RFA67-6