Replacement Long Range Metal Antenna


Replacement/Spare metal antenna for use with GVLRAnt or GarLRAnt.

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Replacement metal telescopic antenna for use with Grain Valley Long Range antenna with grip (GVLRAnt) or Garmin’s Portable Long Range (GarLRAnt).

This sturdy antenna is a convenient 8.5 inches when folded, but extends to 42.5 inches when hunting conditions require maximum range. Features a rubberized flexible base that provides enough “give” to help protect your antenna during demanding conditions.

Note: this antenna cannot be connected directly onto a Garmin Handheld – it is intended to be used as a replacement for either the Grain Valley Portable Long Range Antenna (GVLRAnt) or the Garmin Portable Long Range Antenna (GarLRAnt). GVDS Item#: Flex42-BNC