Rechargeable Multi-Function Electronic Fence


Complete rechargeable electronic fence system featuring waterproof collar, pulsed proportional stimulus, power boost, and more

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The rechargeable Humane Contain Model X-10 Electronic ultra-fence represents the absolute most advanced pet containment technology made. It features the RX-10 Rechargeable, Multi-function collar, a revolutionary device that catapults the X-10 system into a class of its own. The RX-10 collar is ultra slim, light-weight and very comfortable on your pet. It is waterproof and rechargeable and features an advanced, proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System™ for the most effective and humane boundary control. The advanced training techniques employed by the RX-10 utilizes sound stimulus to reinforce the shock stimulus. This makes training more efficient. And the RX-10 includes a special ultrasonic transmitter allowing it to work with all our PAWS (Pet Activated Wireless Systems) products (such as the PX-1 or PX-2 Power Pet Doors, Radio Mats, and more). You may use the X-10 system as a stand-alone electronic fence or mix and match the accessories to create your own custom electronic pet care system. One small collar controls everything. And you can add an unlimited number of RX-10 collars to contain multiple pets (sold separately).

The X-10 system comes with a waterproof, indoor or outdoor mountable transmitter with coded digital signal, fully illuminated status panel, audible and visual wire break alarms, power boost switch, and variable field width control. The transmitter also accepts an optional, rechargeable back-up battery (model B12V-0.8) that keeps your system operational during a power outage and automatically recharges when power is restored.

The transmitter uses the latest radio technology combined with some very sophisticated engineering to give you a device that is very powerful yet very stable. The fully illuminated status panel that tells you at a glance the operating status of your system. It continuously monitors Overall System Status, Back-up Battery Condition, Power Mode (ac or dc) and Wire Loop Continuity. If your wire breaks or becomes disconnected the transmitter alerts you with a Flashing Warning Lamp and a loud audible alarm. All of these great features are packed into this powerful transmitter that will cover up to 30 acres (with purchase of additional wire sold separately). Need more range than that? Flip on the Power Boost Switch and cover up to 50 acres! No other electronic fence transmitter gives you all these useful features in a stylish, water-sealed package designed for performance, reliability and long life!

The X-10 system includes 500-feet of Ultra-wire, which is custom engineered for ultimate pet containment system performance. Ultra-wire is made from the high-quality solid-core copper with an extra thick insulating material that is resistant to ultraviolet sunlight, moisture, corrosion and stress.

Pulsed Proportional Stimulus System, a proprietary technology that automatically adjusts stimulus intensity based upon your dog’s distance from the boundary. Stimulus is applied in short bursts that become faster and seem more instense as the pet moves closer to the buried wire. The system automatically adjusts the stimulus intensity to the exact level based on your dog’s individual behavior. The result is that your dog is reliably contained without unnecessary over-stimulation. Don’t try to guess the appropriate stimulus intensity for your pet.

The HUMANE CONTAIN™ model X-10 Electronic Dog Fence will give you the dependability you can rely upon to keep your dog safe while providing quicker training, more humane operation and features that make the system easy to use. You’ll find that it is more than just an ad slogan when we say that the model X-10 is simply THE MOST INGENIOUS ELECTRONIC DOG FENCE ON THE PLANET!
Pulsed Proportional Stimulus
Ultra-Slim, Rechargeable, Collar with Comfort-Fit Design
Collar is waterproof and submersible to 5 ft
Collar has built-in ultrasonic transmitter to control all PAW Accessories (Power Pet Doors and more)
Lightweigth Collar is only 1.3 oz
Illuminated Transmitter Control Panel
Audible and Visual Wire Break Alarms
Waterproof Trasmitter can be mounted indoors or outdoors
Power Boost allows up to 50 acre range
Dual Channel Radio Receiver for precise field width
Field width is adjustable from 0 ft to 18 ft
Built-in Stimulus Tester
Built-in Battery Tester
Optional Auto-Recharging Back-up Battery
500 feet Ultra Wire
GVDS Item#: X-10