Protective GPS Collar Cover


Protective GPS Collar Cover – for use with Garmin’s DC50, TT10, T5 and TT15.

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Helps protect your valuable GPS Collar – especially useful when hunting Hogs, Pigs, Bear, Coyotes and in all other rugged hunting conditions.

Constructed of a High-Density durable plastic (the same material used to make kitchen cutting boards), this cover will hold up under the most stringent of circumstances and will even protect your GPS unit from teeth and tusks. Our collar covers are injection molded to perfectly fit the Garmin DC-50, TT10, T5 or TT15 collars.

Included with your collar cover is our protective “GPS Wire Guard” which covers and protects the wires between the GPS Module/Antenna and the Battery Box.

The cover also shields and protects the charging port from damage and corrosion.

Never pay expensive repair costs for your GPS collar again!

  • Highly visible hunter orange color

  • Durable high-density material protects against teeth and tusks

  • Injection molded for a custom fit

  • GPS Wire Guard included to protect the wires between the GPS module and battery box

  • Protects charging port from damage and corrosion

  • Easy to install and remove for charging – no tools required

  • Made in the USA GVDS Item#: GPSColCov