Portable Long Range Antenna – Black Handle


Extend the range on your tracking system!  Works with Garmin Alpha or Astro, Dogtra Pathfinder, and GVDS Pathfinder!

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Our testers have achieved excellent tracking results with our new long-range antenna – reporting as much as 2-3 times the normal range of the standard Garmin or Dogtra antenna (actual results will vary depending on conditions and terrain).

Built to withstand tough hunting conditions, this antenna is sturdy enough to hold up to harsh elements. The convenient handle not only helps protect the base of your antenna when it is extended, but it features a comfortable smooth-touch grip.

Available in vibrant color choices, your unit is easy to locate in the field (choose black, hunter orange, or hot pink). It is also available in a glow-in-the-dark option (see GVLRAnt-Glo).

The included telescopic metal antenna is a convenient 8.5 inches when folded and provides excellent tracking results, but extends to 42.5 inches when hunting conditions require maximum range. The metal antenna also features a rubberized flexible base that provides enough “give” to help protect your antenna. The metal antenna is also removable and replaceable (replacement antennas sold separately – see Flex42-BNC).

The included flexi-cord is lightweight, easy to manage, and is approximately 40″ in length to accommodate any hunting environment.

Our Grain Valley Portable Long Range Antenna kit comes fully assembled and includes the following:
Handle/grip in your choice of color

Metal extendable antenna with rubberized flexible base

Lightweight Flexi-Cord

  • Compatible with Garmin Alpha or Garmin Astro handhelds
  • Compatible with Dogtra Pathfinder, Pathfinder Mini, Pathfinder TRX, or GV-Edition Pathfinder

  • Handle has comfortable smooth-touch grip

  • Telescopic metal antenna is less than 9 inches folded and extends to 42.5 inches

  • Rubberized flexible base on metal antenna

  • Metal antenna is removable and replaceable

  • Flexi-cord is lightweight, flexible, and 40″ in length

  • Choose: Black, Hunter Orange or Hot Pink (see GVLRAnt-Glo for glow-in-the-dark option)

  • Matching AstroCover or AlphaCover sold separately

  • Fully Assembled
    GVDS Item#: GVLRAnt-Blk