Iron Screen for DriveTrack 71


You’ve invested in great GPS tracking technology – now protect your investment with our FLEXIBLE Iron Screen!

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The all-new Flexible “Iron Screen” installs directly over your DriveTrack 71 screen (takes only seconds to install). Once in place, your DriveTrack’s sensitive TFT Toughscreen is protected from wear and tear and evern from scratches, drops, bumps, or other daily impacts! It also provides fingerprint resistance, full transparency, and an ultra-slim, flexible design.

Made from a new and completely unique material that offers excellent shock absorption benefits, while remaining lightweight and flexible. This special biodegradable material was invented in Japan and our team has customized the size and thickness to meet the specialized needs of DriveTrack users. It not only provides optimal protection for your screen, but it has little-to-no effect on the sensitivity of the touch-screen. Garmin users can enjoy the full experience of their DriveTrack unit.

Features a special adhesive that allows easy installation, no bubbles, and a firm, durable hold; yet it can be removed without damaging your DriveTrack’s screen. And to top it off, our Iron Screen has been custom designed to give a perfectly precise fit for your Garmin DriveTrack 71 (also available for Drive Track 70 or Alpha – See Iron-Drive70 or Iron-Alpha). Durable, but ultra-thin: 0.30mm
Impact resistant shatter resistant
Anti-Fingerprint coating resists fingerprints and smudges
Scratch resistant – Protects your DriveTrack screen from cuts, cracks, and scratches
Custom designed to precisely fit your DriveTrack 71 screen
Unrivaled Touch Sensitivity ensures that the DriveTrack’s touch screen remains fully functional without delays
Can be removed if needed and leave no glue residue
100% transparency and 99% light transmission
HD optical transmittance
Ultra Smooth Surface
Bubble free
Easy to install
Easy to clean GVDS Item#: Iron-Drive71