Specifically designed for controlling tracking and trailing dogs

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With the introduction of the new HoundHunter® model, specifically designed for controlling tracking and trailing dogs, you keep the thrill of the chase within your control.

The model SD-3225 allows control of up to six dogs. The compact transmitter features color-coded indicators that correspond to available collar strap colors. It is ideal for hunters who pursue bears, bobcats, mountain lions and raccoons with multiple dogs.

With a range of up to 2 miles, keeping control of a long-range pursuit is easier than ever. Once again SportDOG Brand® delivers on it’s promise: Gear the way you’d design it®.

  • Up to 8 correction levels

  • Convenient docking station charges system in two hours

  • Choice of continuous or momenary stimulation

  • DryTek Waterproof design technology

  • 21 Stimulation levels (7 each at low, medium and high setting)

  • Expands to 6 dog with SDR-AH Add-A-Dog Receivers (available separately)

  • Ergonomic, slim-profile collar receiver

  • Vibration and tone options

  • Choice of stim/vibe or stim/tone available for up to 6 dogs at a time

  • 2-Mile Range

  • Basic Training DVD and manual included

  • Two-Year Warranty
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