GV Custom Astro Cover – Blue


Personalize it! Protect it! For use with Astro 320 or 430 Handheld.

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Personalize your Astro 320 or Astro 430 handheld while increasing it’s versatility and function.

Available in your choice of Black, Blue, Red, Hunter Orange, Camo, or Hot Pink, this custom cover allows hunters to easily identify his handheld (especially helpful when hunting with multiple Astro users).

A lot of thought went into this design and you’ll appreciate the many handy features. The raised side “grip” pattern allows for better handling of the unit (even when wearing gloves). The side of the cover is marked to identify the Astro’s power button and the button remains fully functional while in the case.

The Astro’s entire screen area is visible while in the cover. And most importantly, all of the front buttons on the Astro are covered to eliminate water, dust, dirt, debris, and mud from entering. The Custom Astro Cover has clear markings for all buttons, which remain fully functional while the cover is on the unit.

The cover includes a small opening at bottom which allows use of the Astro’s included lanyard clip. An additional lanyard/sling connector is located at the top of case, near the antenna opening for additional carrying options.

The Custom Astro Cover’s back opening allows access to the Astro’s heavy-duty belt clip and charging connections – no need to take the unit out of the cover.

  • Available in Black, Blue, Red, Hunter Orange, Hot Pink, or Camo

  • Raised side “grip” pattern

  • Marked and functional power button on side

  • Entire screen area remains visible while in cover

  • Front buttons are covered to eliminate water, dust, dirt, debris, and mud from entering

  • All buttons are marked and remain fully functional

  • Opening at bottom provides access to Astro’s included lanyard clip

  • Additional lanyard/sling connector at top of case

  • Back opening allows access to Astro’s belt clip and charging connections
    GVDS Item#: AstroCover-BLU