EXPLOSIONproof Tempered Glass Protective Shield for Alpha


You’ve invested in great GPS tracking technology – now protect your investment with our EXPLOSIONproof Tempered Glass Screen Shield

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Our latest innovation for use with Garmin handhelds…..

The all-new EXPLOSIONproof Tempered Glass Screen Shield installs directly over your Alpha screen (takes only seconds to install). Once in place, your Alpha100 screen becomes virtually indestructible! You’ve invested in great GPS tracking technology – now make sure your investment is protected with our EXPLOSIONproof Tempered Glass Screen Shield.

Our new EXPLOSIONproof Tempered Glass Shield is specially designed to protect your Alpha’s sensitive TFT Touchscreen from damage – even from drops, bumps, or other impacts!

Manufactured with superior-quality 0.30mm tempered glass and chemically treated with a hi-tech Oleophobic coating, this Shield offers incredible durability, shock absorbancy, and amazing scratch prevention. It also provides fingerprint resistance, moisture protection, full transparency, and an ultra-slim design.

The back side of our EXPLOSIONproof Shield features a special adhesive that promises easy installation, no bubbles, and a firm, durable hold; yet it can be removed without damaging your Alpha’s screen. And to top it off, our EXPLOSIONproof Shield has been custom designed to offer a perfectly precise fit for your Garmin Alpha100 handheld (also available for Astro- See ExplodeAstro).

We’ve put it to the test!
After installing an EXPLOSIONproof Shield to our Alpha, we took a knife, scissor blades, a razor blade, an electric drill, and a hammer to it (see video below). In all instances, the Alpha’s screen remained protected and damage-free….we’re pretty sure it can handle your next hunt.

NOTE: As this is a glass product, the edges of the glass are the most vulnerable areas. We recommend combining the EXPLOSIONproof shield with an AlphaCover to help protect from chipping or cracking its edges.

  • Made of superior quality 0.30mm Tempered (hardened) Glass

  • Durable, but ultra-slim

  • Reinforced glass increases shock absorbency

  • Offers protection from drops or impacts

  • Oleophobic Coating resists fingerprint, smudges, and other contaminants

  • Screen is protected from moisture – moisture will condense into water droplets and will slide freely on the EXPLOSIONproof Shield, keeping the Astro’s screen dry and protected

  • Scratch resistant – Protects your Alpha’s screen from cuts, cracks, and scratches

  • Highest Quality 9H Surface hardness means even sharp objects like knives, blades, and keys will not scratch

  • Custom designed to precisely fit your Alpha100 handheld screen

  • “Delicate Touch” feature ensures that the Alpha’s touch screen remains fully functional (Note: experienced Alpha users may notice a slight delay when using the touch screen with the EXPLOSIONproof Shield installed)

  • Whole transparency – means the entire surface of the EXPLOSIONproof Shield is transparent for full visibility

  • Strong silicone adhesive assures easy installation and keeps your EXPLOSIONproof Shield firmly in place

  • Can be removed if needed and leave no glue residue

  • Excellent visual effect with 100% transparency and 97% light penetration

  • Reduces eye strain with prolonged use

  • Ultra Smooth Surface

  • Bubble free

  • Easy to clean GVDS Item#: ExplodeAlpha