Cup Mount with Klipzer connector for Garmin Handheld


Our GVDS Cup Mount with Klipzer attachment holds your Garmin GPS Handheld securly in place via your vehicle’s cup holder.

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Make sure your Garmin handheld is easily accessible and in plain sight at all times! This handy cup-mount unit fits into any standard vehicle cup holder and features a 9-1/2″ bendable, flexible arm so you can adjust your Garmin to the perfect position while hunting from your truck or while driving.

The adjustable cup insert boasts a turnable knob that adjusts the cup insert from 2-1/2 inches to 3-3/4″ in diameter and will fit virtually any vehicle’s standard cup holders.

Included with this kit is our own KLIPZER attachment that is compatible with the all Astro and Alpha models. The Klipzer attachment gives you an upgraded metal belt clip and a handy slide mount. Easy to use – just pop the ball joint on the arm of the Cup Mount into the SlideMount.

The included metal clip attaches directly to your Garmin Alpha or Astro. Your handheld is now ready to attach to your belt, backpack, or vehicle mount. Ready to head to your vehicle? Simply slide the metal clip into the SlideMount and your handheld is safely and securely mounted for easy viewing in your vehicle. To remove, simply lift your GPS vertically to slide the clip out of the SlideMount. Takes less than a second and you’re out of your vehicle and ready for the next phase of your hunt!

The Metal Clip also accommodates your AstroCover or AlphaCover, so there’s no need to remove your cover when mounting your handheld in your vehicle. Inlcuded Metal Clip fits Astro 320, Astro 430, Alpha 100, or Alpha 200
Arm measures approximately 9.5 inches from the ball tip end to the top of the cup insert
Arm is fully bendable and flexible, but stiff enough to maintains its position once you set it
Cup insert adjusts from approximately 2.5 inches to 3.75 inches at fits most standard vehicle cup holders
Slide mount allows you to slide your handheld into and out of the mount in seconds (no clips to fasten; not nuts to tighten)
When not in the slide mount, the included metal belt clip is convenient and functional for use in the field.
Made from sturdy, heavy-duty materials that are built to hold up to your roughest hunting conditions. GVDS Item#: Cup-Klip