1900S Black Edition


Slim receiver; Low to high power; 1 mile range; nick and constant stimulation and vibrating page; waterproof collar/receiver; rechargeable; LCD Screen

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The Dogtra 1900S BLACK EDITION is the 1-mile edition of the popular 1900s e-collar, which is known for its versatility and durability. Along with the added range, the 1900S-BE comes with a premium black matte finish and blue LED lights for enhanced tactical fit and better aesthetics.

Like the 1900s, the BLACK EDITION’s receiver is vertified for IPX9K grade, the highest heat and water proof level.

The set is fully waterproof and the LCD on the handheld transmitter displays the battery life and stimulation level.

Slim design receiver/collar ergonomically shaped to your dog’s neck
Checkered grips on the handheld transmitter
Non-Stimulating High Performance Pager
Water-Excelling Enhanced Contact Points
Rheostat (free moving) stimulation knob with levels from 0-127
1 mile range
‘Nick’ and ‘Constant’ stimulation
High Output
Fully waterproof (handheld transmitter and collar/receiver)
LCD screen
For dogs as small as 35 lbs Includes Hard-sided carrying case GVDS Item#: 1900S-BE